The latest review…

Since our inception around 14 year ago, we have been fortunate enough to have a variety of people review our services.  These have included professional journalists for established publications like the Financial Times, or online media such as Road Cycling … Read More

The pain is temporary, the results benefit a season….

Wow, talk about landing with a bump. Since returning from the World Champs in Chicago, and brief holiday afterwards, I have had to hit the ground running. Why? Simple,

Testing? But I’m not good enough….

I’m not a professional, why do I need a fitness test? How many times do I hear that?  You might be surprised!  Many people think that they are not good enough to warrant the cost and time of a full … Read More

Inspired by the Tour? Don’t miss this special offer!

So, it has finally started!  The event that goes around the world and is watched by millions.  The Tour de France is a spectacle that is loved by non-cycling fans, and really inspires cycling fanatics! This year I feel especially … Read More

Financial doping!

For the past week I have been visiting Nigeria! I was invited here to come and ride with, and test, some of the members of “Team Nigeria” (essentially members of at Nigerian National cycling team), by a Nigerian client of … Read More

Training camps and appointment availability

Hi all, Just a quick note to let you know about my availability over the next few weeks or so as I will be away from the office intermittently for some training camps and events.  As a result there may be … Read More