Zwift… A curse, or a blessing?

I realise that for many training indoors is an essential way to make sure you can meet your training hours.  Whether it is because you live in the heart of the city and there is nowhere appropriate to run or … Read More

Racing indoors? What’s your best nutrition strategy…

One of the key elements in success or failure of your training is ensuring optimal nutrition, both in terms of basic nutrition, and what you consume whilst exercising.  With the advent of indoor racing on platforms such as Zwift, the … Read More

The benefits of reviewing results.

Today I am motivated! If you follow my twitter feed, or the Sportstest facebook pages you will see that I frequently post results of athletes I work with who have raced well, or put in great performances. These guys inspire … Read More

Are your performances just not good enough….

So when did you last finish a race and were really pleased with your performance? Hopefully never!!! So why is that?

Wow, what a weekend….

If you read my blog about Dambuster duathlon earlier this year, you will have realised that I have been out of multi-sport racing for several years. This year, I have been trying to make a comeback, and set my sight … Read More

Testing? But I’m not good enough….

I’m not a professional, why do I need a fitness test? How many times do I hear that?  You might be surprised!  Many people think that they are not good enough to warrant the cost and time of a full … Read More

Do you monitor your training hydration?

We hear lots about making sure you optimise nutrition in order to perform, but many athletes overlook the need for adequate hydration during exercise.  The simple fact is even a low level of dehydration can effect performance: The question is, … Read More

Does pre-race breakfast make you feel sick?

So, this week I have been inspired by a tweet I saw…. “Race day – not sure my breakfast is going to stay down” So does the thought of race day breakfast fill you with dread?  Do you need it, … Read More

Ignore the numbers, and ditch your GPS!!!!

So, I am a number man!  I am sure you had guessed.  I use a well known brand of GPS system to track all the training I do.  I race with a GPS system, heart rate monitor and power meter … Read More

Lighting the way during races….

So for those of you that also follow the Sportstest Facebook pages, you will know that I raced the Dambuster Duathlon on Saturday.  A full race report, highlighting all of the many mistakes I made, will come in a few … Read More