Worth your weight?

I am currently miles away from race weight.  In fact I am nearly 10kg heavier than I was for World triathlon champs 2 years ago.  The question however is whether it is worth the hard work and dedication in order … Read More

Ten steps to avoid success….

Planning to do a big event this year?  Whether it is a Spring marathon, major Summer sportive, or you are stepping up to the iconic Ironman distance, here are: Ten ways to guarantee that you won’t finish your target event! … Read More

Choosing a training plan, is like buying a suit (blindfolded)!!!!

Thanks to the guys at the Sweat Cave, this is becoming a regular habit again….and I do hope you like my weekly blogs.  They are designed to get you thinking about your training, rather than just doing it.  Ultimately I … Read More

The latest review…

Since our inception around 14 year ago, we have been fortunate enough to have a variety of people review our services.  These have included professional journalists for established publications like the Financial Times, or online media such as Road Cycling … Read More

Testing? But I’m not good enough….

I’m not a professional, why do I need a fitness test? How many times do I hear that?  You might be surprised!  Many people think that they are not good enough to warrant the cost and time of a full … Read More

Inspired by the Tour? Don’t miss this special offer!

So, it has finally started!  The event that goes around the world and is watched by millions.  The Tour de France is a spectacle that is loved by non-cycling fans, and really inspires cycling fanatics! This year I feel especially … Read More

The secrets of faster recovery from training…

So as many of you will know I have just returned from a brilliant training camp in Denia, Spain.  The focus of this camp was cycling, and in 6 days I managed to cover over 700km, with nearly 8,000m of … Read More

Looking for great savings, massive reductions and huge “bang for your buck” this January?

January is considered to be a traditional time for the shops to offer some great bargains (even if you don’t need them), but you know what, at Sportstest we can offer you some great savings, massive reductions and huge “bang for … Read More

Are you considering weight loss this New Year? Here is how to…

Over the past few blogs I have highlighted the need to consider setting targets for the New Year.  For many runners, cyclists or triathletes weight loss will be a key focus.  In this weeks training tip video blog I will … Read More

Before training comes planning, and now is a perfect time!

Just two more sleeps to Christmas (if you are reading this when it was published), and whilst the festive season for many is rushed, the time before the New Year can be perfect to consider race targets and performance goals … Read More

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