Choosing a training plan, is like buying a suit (blindfolded)!!!!

Thanks to the guys at the Sweat Cave, this is becoming a regular habit again….and I do hope you like my weekly blogs.  They are designed to get you thinking about your training, rather than just doing it.  Ultimately I … Read More

Are you training, or just riding???

Here is a question I ask many cyclists and triathletes that I meet.  To me it is REALLY important… So are you training, or just cycling???   I had a chat to the guys from The Sweat Cave on the … Read More

Into the Sweat Cave…

It’s that time of the year again when the weather has mostly turned against us, and many cyclists are forced to dust off the turbo trainer, or rollers to get some extra winter miles.  For some the pain cave, sweat … Read More

To the Dark Side…

We have teamed up with Elite mountain biker Verity Appleyard to deliver an MTB training day… What is it?  A day of discussion, seminars and practical sessions looking at the elements involved in improving your mountain biking. Aimed at the regular cyclist (mountain … Read More

Get yourself covered…

You will undoubtedly remember that I consider planning at this time of the year is critical to get the best from your performance from next year (if you don’t check out Before training comes planning).  But planning shouldn’t just be … Read More

The benefits of reviewing results.

Today I am motivated! If you follow my twitter feed, or the Sportstest facebook pages you will see that I frequently post results of athletes I work with who have raced well, or put in great performances. These guys inspire … Read More

Wow, what a weekend….

If you read my blog about Dambuster duathlon earlier this year, you will have realised that I have been out of multi-sport racing for several years. This year, I have been trying to make a comeback, and set my sight … Read More

Training: Power versus heart rate….

As I am sat writing this blog the arguments are raging as to whether the power numbers of Chris Froome are believable as natural performance, or are artificially enhanced.  This further highlights the use of power measurements by the professional peloton. As a result, … Read More

Do you monitor your training hydration?

We hear lots about making sure you optimise nutrition in order to perform, but many athletes overlook the need for adequate hydration during exercise.  The simple fact is even a low level of dehydration can effect performance: The question is, … Read More

STOP TRAINING to achieve your perfect race day!

Like a school child “cramming” the last minute revision as exam preparation, many athletes will panic train in the last few weeks before a major event.  Surely that 100 mile ride the weekend before your Ironman will be the perfect preparation, … Read More

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