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Sports Performance Centre

Dedicated to improved performance and health by training smarter, not harder.

Fitness & performance analysis

Science based performance testing & analysis to identify your current levels of fitness, health & techniques.

Technique analysis and swim coaching

Stroke analysis
swim coaching plans
for improved performance.


Tailored training
plans that achieve
your goals with a balanced lifestyle regime.

Health and

In-house medical
expertise for
sports related
health issues and injuries.

Sports Training with Purpose

Improve your athletic performance with science-based fitness assessments and sports coaching.

Sportstest is a unique human performance centre delivering results based on sports science and physiology. We provide bespoke 121 services for enhanced fitness and medical performance.

Our fully equipped facilities include state of the art facilities, an endless pool, and in-house well-being and medical professionals. We support athletes at all levels – from amateur to professional – with a realistic plan that will fit your lifestyle and help you achieve your goals.

Through careful assessment of your individual health, fitness, and technique we help you to:

  • Understand your body’s unique behaviour during exercise
  • Identify and improve posture, body position, technique, and style
  • Fit your coaching plan into your lifestyle for improved motivation and reduced mental stress

We’re proud of our reputation for high standards of care, expertise, and results.

The athlete’s secret – beginner to professional level

We believe that anyone can achieve amazing levels of sports performance – but only if you have the
determination and support to succeed. Our coaches can help you to be the best you can be.


Improve your performance, improve yourself.

You don’t have to be an Olympian to work with us. At the start of your fitness journey, your goal might be
to finish a marathon, weight loss or all-round health benefits, to enter a charity bike ride or learn a new sport.

We help you understand your physiology and general fitness, improve your performance and help you fit sport into your lifestyle.

Club athletes

The training secret you won’t want to share.

As a keen sportsman, you understand that every advantage you have could be the edge you need to win in your next competition.

Improved fitness and performance will make the difference in minutes off your next event.

Professional athletes

Reaching the next level in performance.

When you are determined to take your sport to the next level, you need to know your training zones.

With focused analysis and support from our team you’ll maximise your training, with better recovery and improved power for the best results. Our professional, bespoke plan will support you to step up a gear, or wind down safely post-competition.

Treatment Room

With trained experts on site we can help you overcome injury and get you back on track