Dr. Garry Palmer Sportstest

Personalised coaching and sports testing for cyclists, triathletes and runners.  Whether you're a beginner or an elite athlete, knowing your personalised training zones will help you improve faster and to a higher level.  Testing provides a wealth of information such as your Vo2 max, aerobic threshold, lactate threshold, aerobic capacity and much more.  Knowing how hard to train and where your weaknesses lie will help you become a better athlete.

Get The Right Training Zones Based on Your Unique Physiology?

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Benefits of a Sports Test

A sports test is for anyone of any ability who wishes to train more intelligently and improve.

  • Accurate training zones
  • Identify weaknesses
  • Focussed training plan
  • Body composition

Why Personalised Coaching?

Would you order a suit online without knowing it's size? That's what you're doing when you download a training plan online based on your FTP.

Coaching from Sportstest is tailored specifically to you!


Training Tips from an Expert?

Dr Garry Palmer offers free training tips to help you boost your performance. Read about topics that will help you get fitter, faster, and stronger!