1-2-1 Personalised Coaching

The coaching philosophy employed by Sportstest is that we are all individuals, and we all respond differently to training. 

Below, we will run through the following:

  • What's included?

  • How our coaching can help you.

  • How we differ from the thousands of other coaches available. 

  • Will our coaching suit your lifestyle?

What's included? 

​A training plan that is:

  • Specific to your needs, targeted towards your goals and aims

  • Flexible training plan that can be changed to your adapting life when and as often as you need. 

  • Uses your time to the best, allowing you to train smart and reduce the chances of illness, over training or injury. 

  • Updated weekly, but supported by unlimited contact with Dr. Garry Palmer via telephone, text, email or internet messaging. 

  • Underpinned by scientific principles, and on-going analysis of your training data (heart rate and/or power files) 

How our coaching will help you?

Our coaching is for all levels of athletes from beginners to elite/professional athletes. 

If you require a coach who will adapt your training plan no matter the circumstances. Changes in work schedule? Changes at home? We will be there to adjust your training plan and guide you in the right direction. 

Our coaching is also backed by science...unlike many other coaches who give you textbook advice our coaching is backed and driven by science so we can guarantee your progression and make a sound prediction on results. 

How do we differ from the thousands of other coaches available...

Most coaches will use text book learnt advice in order to coach their athletes. That's fine but if you want proven, real results with less training time then you need a different approach. 

At Sportstest, we take a scientific approach to coaching to ensure that you are progressing towards the targets we set for you. 

Equally, due to the science we use, we can determine your specific heart rate and power zones so we can get you training smarter, not harder. 

Will it suit my lifestyle?

We are certain it will suit your lifestyle, we have proven this through over 15 years of experience.


We have clients with a series of alternative lives and one thing in common is that most people run very busy working lives meaning less time for family and less time for training. 

So how do we train smarter rather than harder? 

Its simple, we will discover your training zones and get your training focused, therefore equalling results. 


Watch this exclusive interview from Verity Appleyard, current Vet Womens National XC Champion. 

Verity states that "Sportstest made a big different to how she approached training". 

If you want to achieve your goals whether you are in a full time job or retired then hit the button below to enquire...


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