Sportstest coached rider Verity Appleyard

Just ten months ago, Sportstest coached Verity Appleyard (who is sponsored by Brotherton Cycles) was undergoing major abdominal surgery that was likely to threaten her ability to ride this year.  It is fantastic news then that she not only recovered, but did so fantastically well…

Verity tells us:

The cross season is almost over, and good grief I’m looking forward to some “normal riding”. In the mean time it’s the last push towards the National CX Champs in Abergavenney and with Christmas around the corner I can’t wait for some shorter working weeks! Whatever happens in Abergavenny, it will be fun and it has to be better than last year’s Champs where my health wasn’t so good and I blew a tyre off the rim in the first five minutes.

I never intended on becoming a cross racer, it was a suggestion from Garry Palmer as a winter training add-on… I got stuck into it and found that with the evolution of XC mountain biking becoming less techy and a little dull, I found it more fun and gritty.

Verity showing us a “clean pair of wheels”. West Midlands CycloCross League Champion!

Two years on things are going well. Season objectives: Win the 3 Peaks Cyclocross Race and the win the West Mids Cyclocross league. Both boxes ticked! It seems easy whilst sitting in front of the log burner, Christmas lights on, reflecting. Of course none of it was easy; it’s taken a great deal of emotional as well as physical energy, not to mention the absolute necessity of support from relations whether professional, personal or casual. For just like most of us, I had injuries, work issues and financial balances to maintain, (granted, I have no children to deal with). Ten months ago my situation was dire, it was absurd to think that these things would be possible (that’s a story for another time) but I bloody did what I set out to do…


Back to the now, focus to maintain, three weeks to go and then I can take a deep breath and put my feet up.

Verity Appleyard on her way to winning the Three Peaks CycloCross

We would like to congratulate Verity on her outstanding performance this year, especially following the adversity she faced early season.  Hopefully this will prove an inspiration to all.

Keep focused!  Garry