The SPortsTest Team

Sportstest is a dedicated human performance centre for athletes of all levels and abilities. We believe in a team approach, with a range of professionals and experience on hand to deliver the ultimate in
personalised fitness and training.

Sports Physiologist

Dr Garry Palmer

Founder of Sportstest, Garry has been studying sports science for over 30 years. During his career, he has worked with many elite athletes who have gone on to perform on the world stage.
With a PhD in Sports Science from Cape Town studying under Tim Noakes, Garry went on to be a professor at Kingston University, researching the effects of cycle training and running. where he taught students such as Olympians Gail Emms and Matthew Kidd.
Garry has also worked with the South African Triathlete Squad, training and advising them prior to the Sydney Olympics, the Jordan Formula 1 team and travelled as exercise physiologist for the English karate team at the European and World Championships.
Since 2003 Garry has been working alongside runners, cyclists, and triathletes. He founded Sportstest along his own philosophy towards training. “At the end of the day, it’s not about pushing someone harder.
It’s about understanding what makes them tick, why they’re training, why they aren’t training, and keeping them performing all the way through. Because you don’t just coach the engine, you coach the whole person.”


Running: From Middle Distance to Marathon (Elite Performance)
Cycling: Successful Sportives (Elite Performance)


PhD in Sports Science
Accreditation from the British Association of Sports and Exercise Sciences
Fellowship by the American College of Sports Medicine

Garry Palmer racing Triathlon for GBR
Dr Garry Palmer

Sports Massage Therapist

Emily Blackwell

Emily is a qualified level 3 sports massage therapist. She regularly practices Pilates and ensures her steps for the day are achieved by walking her dog. Emily has worked with a variety of clients, recreational to competing level in a variety of sports, with diverse needs from sports injuries to aches and pains from day-to-day life. She loves to see the treatment process of getting the client back to full health allowing them to pursue their sporting goals.

Dr James Gill

Sports Health and Wellbeing

Dr James Gill

Dr James Gill is a full-time GP and lecturer at Warwick Medical School. His specialist interest is in sports, preventative medicine and wellbeing, and he is passionate about the importance of clinical skills, including the subtle detail found with proper examination of the human body.

Working in collaboration with Travel Klinix, James aims to maximise the wellbeing of amateur athletes and support individuals who want to achieve higher levels of performance.
He is a keen cyclist, runner and adventurer.

His work has taken him to Africa, South American and the Everest Base Camp in the pursuit of furthering his knowledge and improving the health and fitness of both himself and his patients.

Sports Therapist

Jack Hinks

A qualified sports therapist, Jack trained at University College Birmingham, gaining experience at Rushall Olympic Football Club. Since 2017 he has specialised in injury assessment and prevention, soft tissue massage and rehabilitation, and has worked in a multi-disciplinary team working on the care of chronic conditions.

An active footballer and sportsman, Jack has also provided post event injury treatment as a volunteer at the London Marathon, UK National Jiu-Jitsu Championships and Deloitte Ride Across Britain.