About time for a U-turn?

So I am going to go all political and claim I am not actually making a U-turn, but more of a deviation.

Despite many good friends and clients suggesting (for many years!) to me that I need to offer a more generic form of coaching support, as you probably well know, I have held strong views that coaching can only be offered as a bespoke service (if you need a reminder check this previous blog post).  So this is where the deviation comes…

I am going to start offering Sportstest training plans through the TrainingPeaks platform!


What event are you training for? We are looking to produce event specific training plans that take into account the nuances of the event.


Shock, horror!!!!  Why the change of mind you ask?


Over the past 12-18 months I am seeing more and more training plans be offered by individuals (or platforms) with limited qualifications or experience, and I feel a large number of these plans have little substance or merit to them.

But I remind you this is a deviation, not a U-turn.

I will continue to offer the high level bespoke personal coaching for runners, cyclist and triathletes, but I have come to realise that there are some athletes who cannot afford, or do not want the high level of service, but they do need something that follows my training philosophies and adds an addition level of depth to the information in my coaching books.

The intention is the majority of the plans that I will produce will be specific to a particular event and the nuances of that event.  Just because the Fred Whitton sportive and La Marmotte are a similar distance, the style of climbing in both events differs significantly, and therefore so will the training plan needed.  Likewise the demands of Ironman Wales is completely different to the demands of a course such as that at Ironman Barcelona.

Further by offering event specific plans, I am better able to tailor these plans to include bank holiday weekends where many athletes are able to undertake an additional training day, and thereby maximising the effectiveness of the plan.

However in the past I have been asked by many about the best off-season plans, or how best to taper, so I will in time be adding to the library of training plans to help individuals build fitness in more generic areas too.

For now you can find the current (limited) offerings by going to the Sportstest homepage and clicking on the Training Plans image.

Before the end of the bank holiday weekend I will have completed plans for the Marmotte, Etape and Maratona sportives.  Plans for Ironman and 70.3 distance triathlons will follow shortly, and in addition to the marathon taper plan, I will look to add plans for some running events in the next few weeks.

If you would like a plan for a specific event that you are training for, please let us know, and I will add it to the to do list!

Want to purchase a training plan, we are offering a 25% discount on all the plans for a limited amount of time, just use the discount code SPORTSTEST25 at the checkout process.

Looking forward to seeing the positive results!

Good luck