All set for winter?

It’s generally about this time of year that I blog (or repost) an article about setting targets for next season.  If you are looking at your main target being anything from April to August, you really should be getting your year plan sorted NOW, and from that building your winter training plan.

Well this year, I have decided to do something a little different, and not something I have done for a while.  I am planning to deliver a ~3 hour seminar on setting up your winter training to ensure success next season.

The session will be aimed at runners, cyclists and triathletes of all levels, who are looking to improve fitness, and improve performance.  The great thing about these sessions, is that I will be able to better explain training principles in depth, to a small number of people.  I really hope to have this as an interactive session, so am keeping to limited numbers to deliver a personal experience.

We will cover a wide variety of things from: goal setting; planning of an overview training plan; physiological principles of training; maximising your training time; right through to the use of heart rate and/or GPS to better structure training sessions (and a whole lot more)!  I also want the opportunity to take time to answer questions from the group, so come armed with questions if you have them!

Regardless of whether you have been for a Sportstest previously, or are thinking about coming in the future, this seminar will cover far more breadth and depth of information so there will be something to learn, and to enhance or recap your knowledge.

If you are serious about your performances in 2019 this really is for you!



The session will take place next Sunday – 28th October, at the Holiday Inn Express in Stafford (2 min off the motorway), and will start at 3pm promptly!

There are limited places available, so if you have not done so already, please book you place online at:

or contact us for more information or to reserve a slot!


Hope to see you next week!