Injury Update…

Hi all, An injury update…. You might have spotted on the Sportstest Facebook page that six weeks ago I had a “disagreement” with a button lift whilst skiing.  The immediate damage was a dislocated shoulder and a helicopter ride off the mountain.  … Read More

The gift of going faster…

As athlete we all want to go faster don’t we?  But I am going to tell you a little secret, just as long as you promise not to share it….. The lighter bike, more aero helmet, the carbon wheels might … Read More

All set for winter?

It’s generally about this time of year that I blog (or repost) an article about setting targets for next season.  If you are looking at your main target being anything from April to August, you really should be getting your … Read More

Ready for Le Loop….

As this blog posts I will be heading off towards the airport, bags packed, and ready to go.  The last few weeks of preparation for Le Loop haven’t been as successful as I would have hoped.  Partly, I might have … Read More

Helping you remove the guesswork!

With just 10 weeks to IronMan Wales, 12 to IronMan Italy and 14 weeks to IronMan Barcelona (plus a similar time frame to a whole number of other middle and long distance triathlons) is it worth taking the risk in … Read More

My weight loss secrets….

Since posting a photo on social media of me in my pain cave following an early morning Zwift session a few days ago, I have been receiving a lot of positive comment about how lean I am looking.  Lots of … Read More

A month to go….

In exactly one month (whoops sorry another date related blog), I will having a week away from testing and will be lining up with fellow riders in support of the William Wates Memorial Trust at the start of seven days … Read More

My Le Tour challenge…

This summer I am riding seven stages of the Tour de France route in support of the William Wates Memorial Trust (WWMT), and I hope you can support me.   The WWMT is a UK based charity that has been set up … Read More

Sportstest Naked Triathlon….

We are really proud to announce that Sportstest will be headline Sponsors of the first ever British Triathlon sanctioned naked triathlon this summer. You make have seen press coverage of events such as the naked bike rides or naked running … Read More

About time for a U-turn?

So I am going to go all political and claim I am not actually making a U-turn, but more of a deviation. Despite many good friends and clients suggesting (for many years!) to me that I need to offer a … Read More

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