Training Tip Friday #8

Sleep matters….   Improvements in fitness are NOT just gained by training harder.  Recovery from training is vital.  To cement the benefits of training and recovery don’t skimp on sleep! Whilst some people might believe they can perform well on … Read More

Training Tip Friday #6

Review your session.   How effect was your last training session?  Occasionally spend 10 mins analysing a training session soon after you have completed it.  Consider things such as: Did you hit your objectives (did you even set any in … Read More

Training Tip Friday #5

Analyse your fitness. Spend 30 mins assessing your strengths and weakness! Think about a wide variety of aspects of performance and fitness looking specifically at training and racing, but also consider factors such as working and personal life, and non-specific … Read More

Training Tip Friday #4

Record your waking heart rate. Do it at least once per week, to assess whether you are improving your fitness, or getting ill or over-trained. Not only is it a great excuse for a lie in, it can also help … Read More

Training Tip Friday #3

Review your nutrition. When was the last time you made a truly accurate note of what you eat?  Recording your food intake over a 24 hour period can give you a much better insight into the status of your nutrition. … Read More

Training tip Friday #2

Keep a training diary! An electronic record of your session (on Strava, TrainingPeaks, Zwift, SportTracks etc) is brilliant, but will you really remember what the session was, and how you coped with the workload?  Our brief training tip is to … Read More

Inspired by the Tour? Don’t miss this special offer!

I can’t believe Le Tour has been on for a week already, and now only 2 more weeks to go!  The event that goes around the world and is watched by millions.  The Tour de France is a spectacle that … Read More

The cost of going faster?

So, like all of us, you want to find some extra performance on your bike.  Whilst there might be no such thing as “free speed” we will look at a few things that could be guaranteed to make your cycling … Read More

Injury Update…

Hi all, An injury update…. You might have spotted on the Sportstest Facebook page that six weeks ago I had a “disagreement” with a button lift whilst skiing.  The immediate damage was a dislocated shoulder and a helicopter ride off the mountain.  … Read More

The gift of going faster…

As athlete we all want to go faster don’t we?  But I am going to tell you a little secret, just as long as you promise not to share it….. The lighter bike, more aero helmet, the carbon wheels might … Read More

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