Financial doping!

For the past week I have been visiting Nigeria! I was invited here to come and ride with, and test, some of the members of “Team Nigeria” (essentially members of at Nigerian National cycling team), by a Nigerian client of … Read More

What are you training for?

“What are you training for?” You can read that question in several different ways, but ultimately they should lead to the same answer.  But do you know the answer?

Are you aware when you are overtraining?

Training is not just about how hard or how frequently you can push yourself.  A huge element of your fitness comes from your ability to recover from training sessions. This balance between training and recovery is very delicate, and it … Read More

More than just a VO2max test…

So you have been in for your Sportstest, and you have left with your head spinning, because we give you so much information.  Or are you thinking about coming to visit, and wonder what the key information will tell you? You … Read More

Failing to plan, is planning to fail!

Have you mapped out your season? We all want to achieve success in our races, whether it is just getting round the distance, or winning the event, or achieving a personal best.  However, failing to plan is planning to fail, … Read More

Training indoors? Here’s how to get the most from your session…

You may have noticed it is getting rather chilly outside.  With ice and (occasionally) snow forecast, sometimes it’s not safe to train outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you should ditch the idea of training!   For some, training indoors by … Read More

Looking for great savings, massive reductions and huge “bang for your buck” this January?

January is considered to be a traditional time for the shops to offer some great bargains (even if you don’t need them), but you know what, at Sportstest we can offer you some great savings, massive reductions and huge “bang for … Read More

Are you considering weight loss this New Year? Here is how to…

Over the past few blogs I have highlighted the need to consider setting targets for the New Year.  For many runners, cyclists or triathletes weight loss will be a key focus.  In this weeks training tip video blog I will … Read More

Before training comes planning, and now is a perfect time!

Just two more sleeps to Christmas (if you are reading this when it was published), and whilst the festive season for many is rushed, the time before the New Year can be perfect to consider race targets and performance goals … Read More

Today is motivation Monday!

Well it was going to be a tip for “Training Tuesday”, but I decided we better make this post on motivation Monday! 10 sleeps until Christmas and many of the athletes I work with struggle to find the time to train … Read More

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