Bespoke Coaching


The concept behind our personalised training plans is to offer high level training sessions packaged in a way to optimise performance, but without the constant communication and support of the coach.


However, these are fully personalised to your requirements, and are NOT generic training plans. 

Below, we will run through the following: ​

  • What's included in your training plan?

  • How our personalised training plan will help you?

  • Process of developing your training plan 

  • Will our coaching suit your lifestyle?

What's included? 

​A training plan that is:

  • Specific to your needs, targeted towards your goals and aims

  • Flexible, giving training and rest days when YOU need them. 

  • Uses your time to the fullest, allowing you to train smart and reduce the chances of illness, over training or injury. 

  • Is updated and reviewed on a 4 week cycle, and adapting and building accordingly. 

  • Underpinned by scientific principles, and on-going analysis of your training data (heart rate and/or power files).

How our personalised training plan will help you?

Our personalised training plans are designed for all levels of athletes from beginners to elite/professional athletes. 

A training plan will give you focus but equally will be catered to your lifestyle.


So if you run a busy life or work shift hours but don't want full on coaching this plan is for you. We get you training smarter NOT harder. 

Simply hit the button below to enquire today. 


Process of developing your training plan

The sessions would be delivered via training peaks for a 4 week period.

  1. Initially we would plan an overview of your training year, focusing on key events for the coming season, this often would be done as a part of, or following your Sportstest.  This would also take account for periods where training might be reduced (by for example a family holiday), or periods where training can be stepped up (a training camp, or for some a period away from work).

  2. Then, at the start and end of each 4 training cycle we would catch up to review the previous 4 weeks of training and check your requirements for the upcoming 4 week block.  You will need to provide information in advance of each block to allow us to plan when we would need to look at days where you have events/races; days where you may want to train with others; days that must be rest days, and days that you may have additional training hours.   Using this information we will then optimise your training for the coming 4 week period.

  3. Using training peaks, we will provide you with a specific session for each of the training days.  Each individual session will have a structured a warm-up; a main session (either an endurance block or intervals); and cool-down that is either heart rate or power based (using your personal training zones).

  4. The individual sessions and suggested rest days will then be structured to build fitness towards your goal events, but also be structured in a way to give optimal recovery between training sessions.  The aim being that you arrive for your targeted events in peak condition, but in a way that takes the guesswork out of how to structure your own training.



"Garry knows his stuff.


He has completely deconstructed my current training then built it back up again, giving me clear goals for improvement.


This included structered zones to work in to get the most out of my training. Brilliant!"


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