Train smarter, not harder

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to benefit from a personalised coaching plan. All you need is a goal!

A smart training plan for effective gains

Our coaching plans are individually tailored to your lifestyle. Family commitments, training time, workload
– all combine to impact on your motivation and mental commitment.
We use scientific principles to devise high-level training plans and long-term maintenance plans. By understanding your body and mindset, identifying your strengths and weaknesses, our bespoke plans give you the greatest benefits in structured sessions for efficient training.

It’s not about having all state-of-the art gyms, gadgets, and equipment – it’s about understanding how to use the right training tools effectively. Our plans are designed to help you train smarter, not harder.

And it doesn’t end there. Coaching with Sportstest is not just about the plan – it’s about the ongoing support. As your coach we’re with you every step of the way – motivating, encouraging, and pushing you when you need it most, because we understand that you don’t just train the engine, you coach the whole person.

Aerobic and cardiovascular plans for improved fitness

Your bespoke coaching plan is completely designed around you. Your fitness, your targets, your lifestyle. And you choose how long too – a fortnight, a month or up to a specific target.

Our training plans begin with base cardiovascular fitness work – suitable for improved fitness in every sports. We have helped sprinters, long-distance runners, road racers, mountain bikers, boxers, climbers, martial arts, track cyclists – anyone who wants a level of aerobic conditioning.

Specialised coaching plan for runners, cyclists, dual and triathletes

Our coaches are on hand to advise and develop plans for any athlete, but we specialise in supporting runners, cyclists and swimmers.

With all the facilities on site, it’s easy to train for dual and tri-sports events in one place. We can adapt your training plan as needed to combine all your coaching in one session, with each expert coach working cohesively for the best all-round results.

Great for beginners

Are you taking part in a one-off event? Running a marathon for charity? Cycling from Lands End to John O’Groats? Starting an exercise plan for health benefits and weight loss?

A properly prepared coaching plan that is tailored specifically to your current fitness, realistically working around your lifestyle and commitments, and recognises your goal, will be more effective and achievable than embarking on restrictive diets and high intensity training in a gym.

Devised for competitive sportsmen

For serious sportsmen and women who want professional training programmes. If you regularly compete, the right training can give you the edge you need to gain the extra minutes or go the extra distance. We help our clients reach new targets and achieve a personal best – that’s why we’re your best-kept secret.

A tailored training plan will focus specifically on your next goal, whether that’s an Ironman in 12 months or you want to hit a faster time over 5k.

Discover more about our unique bespoke coaching plans. Contact us today.