Personalised Coaching

Sportstest provides a bespoke coaching service for cyclists, triathletes and runners.

Are you looking for triathlon coaching to help you go faster or longer?  Perhaps you are a runner or cyclist who wants a coach to help improve your performance.  At Sportstest we don't just offer fitness tests, we offer a fully personalised coaching service too.

Training for Sportives

Training Smart

In order to get the most from your testing it is vital that you look to train appropriately. The feedback and overview training plan provided during your Sportstest is the first step towards making sure you get the most of your training time.

Unfortunately a 4 week “coached” plan, a 15 week “training package”, or a programme picked from a book, whilst better than having no structure to training at all, really won’t provide you with the optimal training you require. They also don’t offer any flexibility where you need to make changes.

Sportstest only offers a bespoke coaching service that provides you with your own personalised training plans. These are checked and updated weekly, and supported with unlimited communication with your coach. All training plans will be based on the most current scientific knowledge.  Unlike other coaching providers, our plans are not generated by a computer, or anyone other than Dr Palmer.

With running, cycling or triathlon coaching from Sportstest you can be assured of receiving a bespoke training programme that:

  • is specific to your needs, targeted towards your goals and aims.
  • has total flexibility and can be updated as often as you need.
  • offers best use of your time allowing you to train smarter and reduce the chances of illness, over training or injury.
  • provides weekly updates supported by unlimited contact with your coach via telephone, text, email or internet messaging.
  • uses scientific principles and provides on-going analysis of your training data (heart rate and/or power files).

Anyone looking to achieve their potential and get the most from their training time can benefit from being coached by Sportstest!

What to know more? Contact us, and Dr Garry Palmer will telephone you to discuss your needs, and what we can offer.