Cycling Sports Test

This assessment is suitable for cyclists of all levels

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Cycling Sportstest

For all levels of athletes from beginner to professional we will help you achieve your goals by training smarter NOT harder

Below, we will run through the following:

  • What's included in our cycling Sportstest

  • The process of the Sportstest

  • How it will benefit you

  • Why you are good enough

  • Provide testimonials 

What's Included?

  • A one-to-one appointment with Dr. Garry Palmer, lasting approximately 2.5 hours 

  • Full consideration of your cycling specific goals. 

  • Assessment of your physical characteristics, to include accurate measurements of weight and body fat, and optimal (but sensible) targets to achieve your ideal race weight provision of nutritional targets (where appropriate). 

  • Brief analysis of your cycling position. 

  • Calculation of fuel utilisation at race intensities (if required) 

  • Provision of scientifically determined (not predicted) heart rate and power training zones, specific to cycling.

  • An individual tutorial on training programme design. 

  • Planning of training phases, specific to your needs, to help meet your performance goals. 

  • A sample training week, specific to your fitness levels, competitive goals, training availability & commitments 

  • Plus, the chance to ask any cycling related queries you may have!

Testing Process

Want to know what you will be doing during the test? Well we can tell you and we can show you. Simply watch the video to the right...

  • Stage 1 - Getting to know you. We will chat about your previous sporting history to find out your goals, aims and target events.

  • Stage 2 - Body Composition - Height, weight and body fat analysis to help us target required nutrient intake (if required) and to help track changes over time

  • Stage 3 - Testing Stage - You will spend 35 minutes on your bike on our lab based ergometer, the first 15 minutes are a controlled warm up where we look at your fuel metabolism at an endurance and threshold effort. This is followed by a 5 minute break before starting your progressive max test.  

  • Stage 4 - We will spend a significant amount of time reviewing your results with you, providing you with your heart rate and power training zones, fitness strengths and weaknesses along with building a targeted overview training plan


"I like the style of coaching from Garry. It's a different, structured approach, he always get the peaks right." 


We achieve this through science based Sportstesting which allows us to determine your power and heart rate zones and ultimately get you training smarter NOT harder. 


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