Dedicated Centre for Enhanced Sports Performance

Sportstest is a bespoke facility dedicated to improving your sports performance, fitness and health. We use a science-based approach to testing and are fully equipped for a detailed assessment of your physiology and technique.

On-site testing and training facilities for athletes of every level in every sports category.

Runners, joggers, cyclists, swimmers, contact sports and racket sports, amateurs and competitors – whatever you enjoy, we’ll help you be the best you can be.

Superior endless pool for Olympic standard training – 121 swim stroke analysis and training

Sportstest is proud to offer an on-site endless pool – ideal for dedicated swimmers and competition level training.

Our top of the range performance enhancing swim flume is one of only three in the UK that can power a current up to 55 seconds per 100m – suitable for over 99% of British swimmers. An extra foot in width compared to standard pools, our 8ft wide pool is equal to an Olympic standard lane for a more realistic training experience. This also allows swimmers with a wider arm span to practice breaststroke technique without limits.

Available for individual training sessions, the counter current offers you the opportunity to train in your own time and in private – no more dawdling behind slow swimmers in public pools.

Fitness assessment and stroke analysis

Our endless pool is fully equipped with 360° HD underwater cameras feeding to the poolside screen, allowing our swim coach to monitor your stroke and adjust your technique, with real-time instructions through top of the range MyJukes bone conducting headsets.

At the same time, we can record and playback sessions to watch and discuss, so that you can see your position in the water for yourself. 121 coaching offers you a complete visual understanding of how you swim and where to make adjustments – a comprehensive coaching experience.

Hydrotherapy sessions

With fully adjustable jets, the counter current pool is excellent for hydrotherapy sessions, assisting in the rehabilitation of sports injuries.

Endless Pool – more width, more power

Width – extra-wide 8ft
Length – 14ft
Power – 55 seconds per 100m
Temperature – 28°C.
Equipment – MyJukes sports coaching headset, underwater cameras, large screen monitors and recording/playback facilities.


Our endless pool is available to hire on an hourly basis.
Swimmers and triathletes in need of a private training pool, swimming teachers offering private lessons, therapists requiring hydrotherapy treatment pools for patients, please contact us directly to discuss repeat booking options.

Sports Science Testing Facilities

When you are serious about running or cycling, you’ll understand the importance of fine tuning your technique and performance. We have state of the art facilities to test your fitness levels and recovery rates, including cycling and running equipment, and maximising your efficiency. We can also complete your assessment using your own cycling equipment – an excellent way to assess your real-time performance and ensure that your coaching plan is completely adapted to your style and technique.

Treatment room

At Sportstest we understand that there is more to sports than just training. We have an on-site treatment room.

Our treatment room is used to offer a range of services including:

  • Private medical and health assessments
  • Sports therapy
  • Injury assessment and prevention
  • Injury rehabilitation.

If you are in a health and fitness related field and would like to discuss private hire of the treatment room or joining the Sportstest team, please contact us.
This room would be ideal for those offering professional services such as Nutritionist, Physiotherapist, Sports Psychologist and so on.

Meeting and Conference room

Our meeting and conference room is the ideal location for group training and seminars. With a 65-inch screen, high-speed wi-fi, 10 seat boardroom table, and access to coffee facilities, this room is available for private hire.
Catering facilities are available locally.

Coming soon

The SportTest Coaching Centre is undergoing development to create a unique central hub for athletes. Our expansion plan includes further development of our available space including an outdoor yard space and upstairs mezzanine floor which can be used for personal training, fitness studio or more. If you are in a sports related field and interested in discussing development opportunities with us, please contact us today.