Happy 50th  Birthday

Dr Garry Palmer

My present to you...
Up to 50% off for 5 hours!

Our up to 50% off Fitness Testing offer begins Wednesday 16th at 9am for Garry's 50th Birthday. We will be reducing the percentage by 1% for every booking until we reach 20% off.

For example: 

1st Booking = 50% off

2nd Booking = 49% off

3rd Booking = 48% off

4th Booking = 47% off



To receive maximum discount you MUST phone us. If you would like to purchase online you will have the opportunity to receive 20% off our fitness testing until 23:59 on 16/12/2020.

PHONE NUMBER - 0333 700 9990

Purchase online and get 20% off

Terms and Conditions: 

  1. This is a descending discount offer.  The first person to book will be offered a 50% discount on the regular price of a single sport Sportstest.  The second 49%; third 48% etc, right down to 20%.  At that point everyone will be offered a 20% discount.

  2. This descending discount will only be available by calling 0333 700 9990 between 9am and 2pm on Wednesday 16th December.  The offer will not be available outside of this time.

  3. A discount of 20% is available from 09:00 to 23:59 on Wednesday 16th December for all tests purchased online by visiting: www.sportstest.co.uk/garryturns50

  4. One use per person on running or cycling tests only.  If you wish to book a triathlon/duathlon test, the second test will be charged at the regular price.

  5. Should you wish to purchase this as a Christmas gift an additional fee of £7.50 will be applied to cover postage and administrative costs.

  6. Tests can be used between Tuesday and Friday during our regular office hours only at our office HQ in the midlands.  Sadly no evening or weekend tests can be offered with this discount

  7. Testing sessions will be offered from January 5th 2021 and be a can be booked and used at any time up to the end of June 2021

  8. No exchanges or refunds will be offered

  9. Payment must be made in full at the time of purchase.


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