You will undoubtedly remember that I consider planning at this time of the year is critical to get the best from your performance from next year (if you don’t check out Before training comes planning).  But planning shouldn’t just be about your training….

Sometimes things just go wrong, do you have a backup plan?


Consider everything that could ultimately curtail your training and performance.  Now is the ideal time to get your dental check-up as a preventative measure; see a good sports physiotherapist or strength & conditioning practitioner to assess for weaknesses & imbalances; get your bike position or running style reviewed; have the all important medical check-up (especially if you are getting a tad older); service and check all of your summer race apparatus; and of course book yourself a Sportstest to update your winter training zones and training targets.

These of course are just a few of the ways you will make sure you are ready for the first races of the season, and may save yourself a lot of stress, expense and running around when you should be focusing on racing.

However one thing many athletes overlook at this time of year is the all important insurance cover….

Sadly, I’ve heard of more victims of “sorry I didn’t see you” over the past few weeks, resulting in bikes and bones being broken. The result is many of you are heading off-road to avoid the (visually impaired) drivers. Unfortunately when riding off-road, good fitness and a poor conditions can result in frame changing geometry.

Heading off road is a great way in the winter to avoid the dangers of the road, but do your skills match your fitness?


Whether, you are on the road, heading off-road, or just thinking about what you have stored in your garage, I would strongly recommend you head over to our friends at Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance and get yourself a quote, it may save a considerable amount of heartache if you need to replace or repair your steed.

Remember with Yellow Jersey your subsequent bikes on the policy are covered at half price, they also cover you fully for  worldwide travel (including damage to your bike box), and offer many benefits (like transition & wetsuit cover) that other insurers cannot offer.

So get yourself an online quote from Yellow Jersey and reduce the impact if the unfortunate happens.  Then get onto the doctor, dentist, physio, bike shop and us at Sportstest to get yourself and your kit ready for next year!