Inspired by the Tour? Don’t miss this special offer!

I can’t believe Le Tour has been on for a week already, and now only 2 more weeks to go!  The event that goes around the world and is watched by millions.  The Tour de France is a spectacle that is loved by non-cycling fans, and really inspires cycling fanatics!


Thomas De Gendt takes the victory for Stage 8 of The Tour De France.


Having ridden 8 stages of the Tour with Le Loop last year,  and supporting several riders who have ridden the whole of the Tour route in aid of charity, I feel especially close to the event.

However, for many the month of July and the Tour is an extra motivation to get out and get fit.  In order to help make this process easier for you, whilst the Tour is on we are offering a massive 20% discount on all of our tests….

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Want to know more, then check out our previous blog on what the testing will tell you (or contact us directly), and make the most of this July!  You may not ride like a Tour rider, but will we certainly get you in your best possible shape!

Look forward to hearing from you soon