It’s that time of the year again when the weather has mostly turned against us, and many cyclists are forced to dust off the turbo trainer, or rollers to get some extra winter miles.  For some the pain cave, sweat box, or sweat cave are part of year round training to allow training at unsociable hours, or to avoid the inner city roads.  As a result there are more and more “smart trainers” appearing on the market, and the virtual world of training platforms is enhancing rapidly.

Is the virtual world of indoor cycling taking over from riding in the real world, or is it all just a game???


There is, however a distinct lack of coherent information reviewing the available apparatus, and providing sensible constructive information about training and nutrition for indoors endurance exercise.  So, we bring you the world of The Sweat Cave….


The Sweat Cave is brought to you in combination with Dr James Gill (aka The Titanium Geek), Zwift aficionado and coach David Owen, and supported by us here at Sportstest.  The premise is that on a weekly basis we will look to answer questions from users of indoor trainers to help with their performance.  Be it how the thing actually works, what is best, or no nonsense training, nutrition and coaching information.

….and of course to start, we had to discuss the topic of sweat during exercise:


We think it still needs a little fine tuning, but tell us what you think, and what you want to know about!

Look forward to hearing from you