The nights are drawing in, and the Festive Season is just around the corner, whilst race season may seem like it is months away, NOW is probably the perfect time of year to consider race targets and performance goals for the coming season.

Summer racing and training seems like a long way off...
Summer racing and training seems like a long way off…

One of the many things athletes often fail to take into consideration is getting the focus right for the event they are doing…after all Winter is the time to do loads of turbo intervals isn’t it???

This week I will give you an overview of the many aspects of fitness that need to be taken into consideration when mapping out your season:


So take some time out of training, get out a pen and paper, and start thinking about the elements of fitness you need for your targeted events, but don’t forget this is something we can help you out with as part of your Sportstest appointment.

Good luck,