VO2max test results
A Sportstest will give you vital information to help clearly direct your training

January is considered to be a traditional time for the shops to offer some great bargains (even if you don’t need them), but you know what, at Sportstest we can offer you some great savings, massive reductions and huge “bang for your buck” in things that will really have an impact!

….and these are not short term deals either!

Firstly, our fitness tests accurately measure VO2max, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, efficiency and threshold to determine your physiological strengths and weaknesses.  We also scientifically determine your training zones (heart rate, speed or power) so that you training will become more focused, and giving you great saving both training efficiency and race time!

A Sportstest will teach you how to train smarter and use your time more wisely to get the most from your training

As a part of the session we also assess body composition, and provide target nutritional intakes for the training you are doing.  Follow these guidelines carefully and you will see massive reductions in your body fat, and increased performance as a result.

Finally, we also offer personalised coaching.  This is a fully bespoke service, not a one size fits all plan.  It is updated weekly, and gives unlimited contact with your coach, to make sure you have a constantly evolving training plan to get the best “bang for your buck” and ultimate performance!

So whilst we may not be offering any discounts, (apart of course from our weekly FREE training tips) the services on offer at Sportstest will provide you with on-going performance improvements for your investment!

So what are you waiting for?  Book now for your session in London, West Midlands, or North Yorkshire and make 2015 your best season ever!

Look forward to hearing from you.