More than just a VO2max test…

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Fitness testing at Sportstest
Your Sportstest provides more than just an FTP value, or VO2max test.

So you have been in for your Sportstest, and you have left with your head spinning, because we give you so much information.  Or are you thinking about coming to visit, and wonder what the key information will tell you?

You will have soon realised that your Sportstest is more than just a “max” test, and the results give a much greater depth than a simple FTP (functional threshold power) value.

Our video training tip this week will go through the metabolic profile that we provide for you, and explain it in a little more detail…

By considering the various aspects of your metabolic profile, we can fully assess your physiological strengths and weaknesses, establish accurate training zones, and provide you with the most appropriate bespoke training plan to ensure you achieve your goals.

I hope this helps give you an additional level of information, that can be used in isolation or in conjunction with our training books, but if you do have further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Good luck with your training, Garry

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