Dave Hathaway Completes Double Ultra Triathlon Event

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Fantastic achievement from client Dave Hathaway who recently completed the Florida Double Anvil ultra triathlon event in the U.S.

4.8 mile lake swim, 226 mile bike and a 52 mile run in 29 hours 22 mins and 30 degrees heat

Well done Dave...Great result !!!

Feedback from Dave below...


I did my second double on Friday 13th in Florida and the weather brought the weather brought on its own set of challenges with it being 30 degrees both days, a considerable step up from Wolverhampton winter training and about 7 degrees more than typical for that time of year! I finished in 29 hours 22 minutes with a 45 minute PB.


Every Sunday night I give Garry the availability for the next week of when I can train, with family and work commitments this is often very early in the morning or when my daughter is at swimming. Sometimes we will have a quick call or text message exchange whilst I eagerly await for the plan on Training Peaks.

Garry said to me once in about 2013 and hasn’t had to say it again, “don’t say you are available for 90 minutes for a session and then only do an hour, if I knew you had only an hour to do then I would have given you something else.”

The plan versus my availability works perfectly – it is like a weekly contract in business, me agreeing up front what I am going to do. I don’t need to worry about the planning, just the training. I don’t need to worry about whether I am doing the right sort of training i.e. the correct duration and in the correct training zones.

Every now and again something changes, I might have a cold, might have an injury and then Garry likes to move towards a “day to day” mode and that is when I just get the training for the next day and have a quick call or text message exchange daily.


Garry probably knows me better than most people, he knows how far he can push me and he knows when to tell me to slow down. He knows that if I go out for beers on Friday night I can go for a run on Saturday but won’t do a turbo session! He knows that when something doesn’t feel right in training I will call him about it rather than keep it to myself.


The takeaways from Austria 2019 were for me to get used to sleep deprivation and get me running injury free.

Some of the training he had me doing during the run in didn’t make him very popular but I knew he had to be done, a couple of sessions come to mind:

  • 6 hours turbo starting at 10pm

  • Run 3 hours, turbo 9pm, followed by a 4 hour

These are the sort of sessions you would never plan on your own but they made the difference. I made it through without sleep.

Garry is very conservative with injuries, with advise from Andrew Caldwell @ Active therapy they got me to the start line injury free and injury free during the race. Without expertise to help you plan it is very difficult to know whether training is doing you more harm than good.

Garry was available before and during the race to talk about nutrition strategy and then help me react when I was spending time in the portaloos on most laps!


Garry is worth every penny as a coach. He saves me time creating a plan. He maximises the use of my training time so I am getting the most benefit and I don’t need to worry about whether I am doing the right training. He knows how to get the most out of me, how hard he can push me and when he needs to pull me back aiming to keep me injury free. He is always available at the end of a phone to talk about any concerns.

Photo Credit = Sean Kelly

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