Falling out of the flow…

I seem to have fallen out of the flow.  Last week I missed posting a training tip, and this week I am very late.  I have my excuses, I have been travelling lots, working long hours, training a fair amount, and am currently on a training camp in Spain.  I could go on.

So what’s the excuse?  Well, let me be blunt, there isn’t one.  I am just kidding myself to make me feel better for not doing something that I should have done!

I used to coach a very talented cyclist, and we had a standing joke that she had a book of 101 excuses why she had missed a session, or not done what was expected of her.  

Unfortunately, she is now no longer riding competitively as work and life have taken over her cycling.  It is a loss to both her and the racing scene in the UK, and hopefully she will return, but essentially she fell out of the flow, and more and more things got in the way.

Sometimes, I am also truly amazed at how some of the athletes I coach manage to fit in training around busy work schedules and are still competing at a very high level.  I am currently looking after four elite athletes (who are essentially professionals) who all hold down full-time employment.  For them training is a delicate balance of fitting in and juggling around a working schedule.

So whilst I sit here and type this weeks “training tip” I have 20 minutes before the restaurant opens for breakfast, my bike is ready for the scheduled 6 hour ride in the mountains, and I am inspired by those I am working with this week.

Life can get in the way, but if you do your best, you can make time to do your training, and make sure you don’t fall out of the flow!  After all, it’s all about balance, and it can be easy to let the important things in life slip by.

I hope my ramblings this week have again given you something to think on.  I will be back next week with more!

Stay fit, stay healthy, and keep training!

Good luck, Garry www.sportstest.co.uk


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