Keep a look out for Mental Health...

I can’t thank you enough…. saved my life.

That’s how a call to one of my clients has just ended. 

Clearly there is a long back story behind this conversation, but all I want to say is one of my athletes had been struggling and several months ago I suggested they made an appointment with their GP to see if they could be signed off work and given some appropriate support.

Genuinely I feel I have done nothing special for this person, but I am so glad I helped them reach out and find the appropriate care.  I am really not qualified to talk on this subject, but I do know that many individuals struggle with mental health issues.  Sometimes all they need is a helping hand in the right direction.  Sometimes they might need considerably more.

Just because someone appears to be physically active; might have a great job; and a loving family doesn’t mean everything is roses on the inside. 

I am in a lucky position to get to personally know many of my coaching clients, and in this case, that is why I was able to offer a simple suggestion.

You might not think you are doing anything special, but if you can, check on someone who may be struggling.  It may make a world of difference.

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