The secrets of faster recovery from training…

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

So as many of you will know I have just returned from a brilliant training camp in Denia, Spain.  The focus of this camp was cycling, and in 6 days I managed to cover over 700km, with nearly 8,000m of climbing, in just over 25 hours of riding!

If nothing else, it left me with tired legs, and many of the other riders on the camp were complaining of the symptoms of “over-reaching“, but I have found the ULTIMATE SOLUTION to ENSURE RAPID RECOVERY from training….

Forget ice baths, compression tights, recovery drinks, and all you have heard in the past…a chance meeting with one of the pro-team soigneurs at Café Ciclista (the start and end point of the Train in Spain hosted rides) I found out about some of the latest secrets that the pro-teams are used.

I tried them for myself and they really worked:

As the week went on I was getting stronger, and stronger.  I have returned home with legs that feel fresh, and without any of the other associated effects of a big training camp.

I look forward to watching a positive influence to my training and recovery, and seeing the longer term results.  I suggest you give it a try, after all what have you got to lose?

I hope this has helped, and I will be back with more training tips next week!



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