Our FAT MAX FITNESS TEST is very similar to our standard Fitness Testing however is focused towards people that are looking to shed fat and weight rather than achieveing their sporting goals. 


Testing for all abilities

Testing can massively help all levels of athletes from beginner to professional.  We will help you achieve your goals by training smarter NOT harder. 


Helping you Train Smarter NOT Harder

Most athletes, when training, waste 70% of a session by not training with a focus. By attaining your training zones, strengths, weaknesses and body composition analysis it allows us to form a smart training plan for you to progress and achieve your potential.


How it works?


Sportstest gives you the most comprehensive and insightful assessment allowing us to develop an accurate nutrition and plan and recommendations for your training.


  1. Test - VO2max Test
  2. Analyse - We will provide you with detailed analysis to help you go faster
  3. Plan - Lets get your training focused with a detailed plan of action


The Process


Body Composition

For all levels of athletes from beginner to professional we will help you achieve your goals by training smarter NOT harder


Testing Process

You will spend 35 minutes on your bike on our lab based ergometer, the first 15 minutes are a controlled warm up where we look at your fuel metabolism at an endurance and threshold effort. This is followed by a 5 minute break before starting your progressive max test.


Analysis & Review

We will spend a significant amount of time reviewing your results with you, providing you with your heart rate and power training zones, fitness strengths and weaknesses along with building a targeted overview training plan. 




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