Fitness Testing with Dr. Garry Palmer:

Far more than an FTP or VO2 Max Test


Testing for all abilities:

Testing can massively help all levels of athletes from beginner to professional.  We will help you achieve your goals by training smarter NOT harder. 


Helping you Train Smarter NOT Harder

Most athletes, when training, waste 70% of a session by not training with a focus. By attaining your training zones, strengths, weaknesses and body composition analysis it allows us to form a smart training plan for you to progress and achieve your potential.


Training with Purpose

It feels great to train, but training with a focus gives you better results, and ultimately better performance on race day, making even bigger smiles!

So, whatever your level, fitness testing can give you clarity and direction in your training, to give you a performance edge!


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Run or Bike Test

£225.00 Regular Price
£180.00Sale Price


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