Elite Performance:

  • Running is the second in a new series of Elite Performance titles aimed at aspiring recreational athletes who typically train and compete at club level and above.


  • The increased use of lab-based sports testing in recent years has considerably raised awareness of the impact of sports science on training and performance, and many coaches, trainers and athletes are looking for more information and guidance on how to apply this knowledge to their own training.


  • This approach is at the heart of the Elite Performance: Running, which includes structuring a training programme, how and when to use different levels of training, the importance of rest and recovery, goal-setting, physiological assessment, principles of heart rate training, and detailed sections on injury prevention/treatment and nutrition.


  • There is also a section on race day preparations and planning. With a practical full-colour design and packed with stunning colour photography, Elite Performance: Running is an indispensable companion for the middle- and long-distance runner, giving them all the information and tools to gain a competitive edge and stay fit.

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