This is a three week taper designed for runners targeting a sub 3:30 road marathon and has been prepared by Dr Garry Palmer.


Over the period of 22 days, the taper in achieved by reducing both volume and duration of the sessions, whilst maintaining intensity.


The plan is best targeting to runners who have been running a minimum of 60 km (40 miles) per week for at least the previous 8-12 weeks in preparation phase. It also assumes they will have previously undertaken at least 2 long steady runs over at least 32 km (20 miles).


The plan uses a combination of target distance (for interval sessions) and heart rate based zone running (for longer aerobic efforts), but the athlete can easily switch these metrics to use the plan as duration based or pace based training sessions.


The plan is suitable for any road based marathon. However, please note, it assumes that race day is on a SUNDAY. The plan can be reused for future races.


The sessions prescribed are based on Dr Palmers book Elite Performance Running; From Middle Distance to Marathon

Training Plan - 3 Week Marathon Taper (sub 3:30 target runner))

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