One of the key elements in success or failure of your training is ensuring optimal nutrition, both in terms of basic nutrition, and what you consume whilst exercising.  With the advent of indoor racing on platforms such as Zwift, the principles might be the same, but the requirements may differ slightly.  So have you thought about your race nutrition sensibly?

Good sports nutrition is essential to optimal performance!


During early season, online racing can also be used to try different race day tactics, including trying out different nutritional products and strategies.  So what do we suggest?  We spoke to the guys at the SweatCave in relation to questions about fitness and training that had been asked on the ZwiftFitness FaceBook pages, and here we look specifically at race day nutrition:


Take a look at our thoughts, try them, and modify them to find the optimal strategy for your events!

Hope this helps, and if there any questions you have, or topics you would like us to cover, please let us know.