Sportstest Naked Triathlon….

We are really proud to announce that Sportstest will be headline Sponsors of the first ever British Triathlon sanctioned naked triathlon this summer.

You make have seen press coverage of events such as the naked bike rides or naked running events (such as the Streak for Tigers event held by London Zoo) but we believe  this is the FIRST EVER Olympic Distance triathlon to be held where competitors will be expected to be completely naked!


During the run, shoes will be compulsory, hats optional…


The event will be held at Blithfield reservoir in Staffordshire this summer, will have a 1500m swim, 40k cycle around the local roads, and a 10k part trail run.  During the swim, athletes will only be allowed to wear swim hats and googles, helmets and shoes will be compulsory for the bike leg, and running shoes compulsory for the run, with a hat being optional,  No other form of clothing to cover the body will be allowed (which should make for incredibly speedy transition times!)

We are currently working on how to affix numbers, and whether they need to be worn front and back….we are open to suggestions at this stage on this one.


Bill James, one of the Directors of British Triathlon, said “We are really pleased to be working with Garry and Sportstest on this new initiative, but we are a little concerned how the athletes will comply with current British Triathlon and ITU regulations of keeping the torso covered whilst undertaking a naked event”.   He added  “We are currently in discussion with ITU and Sportstest over this issue, but I am sure there will be some way we can work around the regulations.”


Sportstest coached athlete Alex Taylor, was asked is he was happy to compete naked.  His reply “Of course, after you have been in that cold water at Blithfield for nearly 30 minutes, there’s going to be nothing to see anyway!”  He did express disappointment that he wouldn’t be able to compete is his favourite Sportstest Purple, but that would be a small price to pay to compete in the first ever event of this kind.


Please contact us at Sportstest  if you would like more information, or want to register for this event.

Happy April