Technique analysis and swim coaching

Improved techniques and performance analysis for swimmers

In addition to our detailed fitness testing, SportsTest offer performance and technique analysis for runners, cyclists and swimmers. On-site testing and detailed observations allow our swim coaches, sports therapists and physiologists to identify areas where improvements can be made to technique, resulting in improved and more efficient performance.

Swim stroke analysis

Our private swim coaches are on hand for individual stroke analysis in our fantastic on-site facilities. With an endless pool, training cameras and professional headset we can correct bad habits and poor technique while you are swimming.
A treadmill for swimmers, the counter current pool provides a huge advantage in clear, detailed assessment of your head and body position in the water. With our underwater cameras we can identify issues such as over-rotation of the joints and kick technique. With detailed stroke analysis and expert coaching you’ll achieve better results with reduced risk of injuries.

The result – smarter training for enhanced performance.

Swim Coaching for ongoing results

Endless pools are fantastic for resistance training and developing core muscles. Without the need to insert turns, you can develop a real understanding of your swimming stamina – just like swimming in open water. Work with our experienced in-house swim coaches to develop unique training programmes to help you build your stamina, improve your technique, and enhance your competitive edge.

A typical analysis session

Training can be taken in 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions.

Once you have your assessment and training plan, you can practice in any pool or open water location until your next session – giving you plenty of time to improve with continued guidance.

By identifying your strengths and weaknesses, your technique can be improved for faster and more efficient swimming.