Today I am motivated!

If you follow my twitter feed, or the Sportstest facebook pages you will see that I frequently post results of athletes I work with who have raced well, or put in great performances. These guys inspire me, and I love working to get the best from them, but sometimes the level they compete at may seem too elite for many to attain.

Today someone nearer the other end of the scale motivated me.  I have been seeing this particular client for a few years for testing, but one year ago to the day, he came for a fitness test, and also wanted coaching.

He had set himself a massive target both in terms of sporting performance physically, and personally with a massive charity target. This summer those targets were met.  Today exactly one year later we met again to review zones for the winter training and to look at targets for 2016.  We have a few events to choose from, and have now started the planning process.

However what motivated me wasn’t the achievement of the summer challenge, it was the comparison of results a year on. Despite the results being down from the height of fitness in June, my client had lost a massive 13.1kg of body fat over 12 months, and his peak power during the VO2max test had improved by 7.9% (it was actually up by 21.5% before the end of season break).

Not a bad run at Birmingham half, but how does it compare?

This made me think about my previous performances, and wonder how I relate to days of old. I have recent lab stats, but these relate to physical strengths and weaknesses, and are not really a predictor of performance.  Unfortunately, whilst I have memories of my personal bests, I don’t have many records of performances pre-garmin days of 2005.  I do know that I ran my fastest 10k at Brighton whilst at University circa 1989/1991, and I ran a pretty quick half marathon (possibly not my fastest) at the Guernsey Easter Running Festival about the same time.  A trawl of the internet proved fruitless, but the nice people in Guernsey checked the loft and came up with my results from 1990 (a trait of islanders living through the German occupation – nothing is thrown away!).

So in Easter of 1990 at the age of 19 I raced 4 races in 4 days. The crucial performances were

10k in 33:07 (I do think I have gone faster at Brighton), and

Half marathon in 1:14:47

It’s nice to get some historical results to motivate me!

So I have some targets!

….but I am getting older. So onto the nostalgia tables to compare what I am running now, to where I was (near) my fastest.  I have some work to do.  I have some weight to lose (it has increased a tad in the past weeks post World Champs), and I need to test myself to see where I can improve my training, but ultimately, I have set myself some race goals and I am really motivated!

I was struggling to come to terms with the fact as I was returning to racing I was miles from my best. However I now look forward to seeing how close I can get to my age-related performances as the months go on.

Finding the motivation is key for me as it is with many of my clients (the feedback from many is that they find my approach and the numbers really motivating). For me I am target driven….what does it for you?

I look forward to hearing from you (and possibly helping you too)