The gift of going faster…

As athlete we all want to go faster don’t we?  But I am going to tell you a little secret, just as long as you promise not to share it…..

The lighter bike, more aero helmet, the carbon wheels might all give you a small performance advantage the first time you use them, but after that their impact on your improvement is zero.  Well at Sportstest, we give you a performance advantage that continually improves, and what’s more, it’s just a fraction of the cost of bike components!

So, as it’s not long now until the big day, why not give, or ask for, the gift that keeps giving?

A gift voucher for a Sportstest could be the ideal solution for the cyclist or triathlete (or runner) in your life!


The Sportstest, which is suitable for athletes of all levels,  will include the all-important VO2max test, as well as identify a number of other significant measures to assess strengths and weaknesses, and calculation heart rate or power training zones.  Finally the athlete will have an individually tailored training plan.

If you regularly follow our Twitter, Facebook or blog posts, you will have undoubtedly seen the positive impact we have on the performance of the athletes we work with.  Whoever gets a Sportstest as a gift will be thanking you all season as their training and performance is optimised.

The voucher will be posted to include full test details, and instructions to be given as a gift on Christmas day.  There will also be the opportunity to purchase a signed copy of either of Dr Palmers training books (Cycling: Successful Sportives, or Running: Middle Distance to Marathon) to give at the same time.

So give the gift that will keep giving!


Please contact us to purchase your gift voucher now.  (Please remember last posting date is 20th December, so make sure we have time to get it to you!!!)