Since our inception around 14 year ago, we have been fortunate enough to have a variety of people review our services.  These have included professional journalists for established publications like the Financial Times, or online media such as Road Cycling UK.  There have also been many individual athletes who for their own personal blogs have “reviewed” our services.  To date I am incredibly proud to say every single one of them has been positive, and each has looked at what we provide in a slightly different way.

The Titanium Geek visits Sportstest….


A few weeks before Christmas I was introduced to James Gill, aka The Titanium Geek for an event he was running for the many fans of the indoor riding and racing platform Zwift.  The Titanium Geek is well known for his outstanding manual covering all aspects of Zwift, but is also the UK’s answer to DC Rainmaker, constantly providing independent reviews of cycling related technology.

I felt it would be great to get James to undertake an independent review of my services, to see what the technology slant would offer (both for me to learn from, and for others to benefit from James’ unbiased views), and just a few short weeks ago James spent the afternoon with me in the lab.  This is what he made of the process:

If you have not visited us at Sportstest before, I hope the review inspires you to pick up the phone.  If you are a current or previous client of ours, hopefully it will give you the nudge to book your next assessment.

Either way, take 5 mins to have a look at what James says about us, and hopefully share it with your friends.

I hope to help you in your fitness journey again soon!