ITU World Triathlon Champs Chicago
Chicago World Triathlon Championships seems like a long time ago

Wow, talk about landing with a bump. Since returning from the World Champs in Chicago, and brief holiday afterwards, I have had to hit the ground running. Why? Simple, Autumn is the time that many athletes will have already determined goals for the next year, and will want a fitness test at the end of season to highlight what needs attention over the winter.

The day after arriving back from the States, I drove to Nottingham to spend a few days testing the riders from OVB, a local cycling club. Whilst these guys certainly are not professional racers (most are 2nd or 3rd Cats), they have a very professional outlook in everything they do.

Working from OVB Cycling club in Nottingham

I was giving the use of a meeting room at WellPlastic for the testing. This however led to an interesting development….the guys wanted to put together a film of what they were doing to promote to their own club members and amongst other clubs.

The 60 second video they produced that afternoon perfectly captures the effort that (many) of my clients put in at the end of their max test:

Yes, the last minute or so of the VO2max test is hard (well as hard as you want to push yourself), but really the suffering is only very short-term…..and despite all the horror stories you might have heard, in all the 1,000’s of tests I have conducted no one has ever thrown up!

You will be fully recovered within minutes, and the benefits you will gain from being tested properly will highlight so many vital factors about what you need to work on to make improvements over the winter period.

For me, this is the best time of year for people to be tested. The results of a good winter will impact the whole of the following years race season.

So do yourself a favour, and get your test booked before my diary is completely full.

I look forward to hearing from you.