Training Tip Friday

Training tip Friday #2

Keep a training diary!

An electronic record of your session (on Strava, TrainingPeaks, Zwift, SportTracks etc) is brilliant, but will you really remember what the session was, and how you coped with the workload?  Our brief training tip is to make simple notes about each training session, include for example information about the exact session, how you felt, did you train alone or in a group, what the weather was like,  your recovery, nutrition, etc., etc., etc.   You can (should) also include information about daily stress levels, sleep quality, and unusual events.

This will act as a great form of feedback when you later come to review progress and it could be an invaluable source of information for future seasons and races.

This information in conjunction with your Sportstest assessment can really help you progress.

Good luck



Does your Strava record really give you all the information you need about your training?