Training Tip Friday #4

Record your waking heart rate.

Do it at least once per week, to assess whether you are improving your fitness, or getting ill or over-trained.

Not only is it a great excuse for a lie in, it can also help give you a full understanding of whether you should push on with training, or take a rest day, or an easier training day.

Think it is hard to do, well it really isn’t these days.  Some athletes are lucky enough to have fitness devices that will record resting heart rate.  If this is not the case there are many free apps that will record your pulse for you if you have a smart phone with a camera (I use My Heart Rate), or you can always rely on manually recording your pulse.


Some athletes are able to use inbuilt features of fitness devices to record resting heart rate (RHR)


Try to remember to take your resting heart rate frequently, and look how it is impacted by training load, rest, nutrition, sleep and other stressors.  If needed modify your training accordingly.

Want more information about how to take your resting heart rate, how it is impacted by training, how it can be used to avoid overtraining, then get a copy of one of our training books, or book in for a Sportstest

Good luck with your training and recovery