Training Tip Friday #5

Analyse your fitness.

Spend 30 mins assessing your strengths and weakness!

Think about a wide variety of aspects of performance and fitness looking specifically at training and racing, but also consider factors such as working and personal life, and non-specific fitness and nutrition.  These areas are far from exhaustive, but give a great starting point.

The analysis could give you some great focus on areas of fitness or training that can give you easy improvements in performance.


Reviewing all aspects of your fitness can help improve performance and help avoid poor results.


We always do this as a part of your Sportstest appointment, but we are amazed how many athletes say they have never done it before, or struggle to think about where they are strong and/or weak.  If you want us to give you a hand, then please give us a call, or book your Sportstest.

Get some focus and direction in your training.


Good luck