Training Tip Friday #6

Review your session.


How effect was your last training session?  Occasionally spend 10 mins analysing a training session soon after you have completed it.  Consider things such as:

Did you hit your objectives (did you even set any in the first instance)?

Were you working in the correct training zones?

Did you meet your nutrition plan?

What could have been done better?


Does an indoor session give you what you were trying to achieve, or take you away from your specific objectives?


By breaking down each training session, and looking to get more from the next session you will ensure that you continually improve fitness and performance.


You don’t need to do this for every session, but try to analyse a session at least once every 10 sessions, and make sure you act on findings.


Many athletes consider the impact of “marginal gains“, when they are not even getting the basics right.

We can help you get your training right, get in touch for more details.


Good luck



Dr Garry Palmer